Ride Report for Ride Captain RJ
USN 1st Lt. Will Wheatley thought he was going to sneak into town Saturday, without any fanfare.  So we let him think that and surprised him on Sunday as he was preparing to join some family and friends at a popular diner near his house.
Spectacular weather brought out WWR bikes from all across Northern Illinois as we gathered at a school parking lot just blocks from the Wheatley’s home.  Even with the unseasonably warm weather, moods were still slightly somber after two KIA missions in our area over the weekend.  During ride brief we took a moment to think about those two young men and all the Gold Star families we try to keep in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our prayers.  Then we had to put that aside and embrace the joy of a son returning to his family.
Mount Prospect (IL) PD led the way to the Wheatley’s where we ambushed the young 1st Lt and left him completely speechless.  After everyone got in a mug ‘n a hug, we mounted up and headed for Countryside Saloon in Desplaines, IL, about 15 minutes away.
At the restaurant, Officer Ramirez and Lt. Wheatley both emerged from their respective vehicles with big grins, both clearly enjoying the no-stop, noisy escort.  Taking advantage of the weather, we did our presentations in the parking lot, restaurant patrons coming out to join us.  Some parting hugs, and we were on our way proving once again that you can run, but you can’t hide from WWR.