Ride Report posted for Ranger Rick

A party was being held for Army Spc. Paul Marquette of Des Plaines Ill. on April 16 2011. Paul was honorably discharged in Jan 2011. He lived in North Carolina until last Thursday when he came home. Paul was in the Army 4 years with one 15 month tour of Iraq completed. His father ask the WWR if we could stop in and say hi. So at 7pm we staged at a local shopping mall. Due to very cold and windy weather 11 cages and 1 bike arrived on time.

At 7:30 we departed for the ride  and rode to the Lee St. Sports Bar to welcome home and thank Paul for his service. Paul was very appreciative as we beaded,coined and gave him a copy of his thread from the national WWR site, He signed our banner and thanked us.   Mission Completed