Ride Report posted for Hippie

Thanks everyone for coming out and making this another special day.

We started the mission with a meet-up at the BP on Barrett Parkway where we were frisked by the local PD and then safely sent on our way.  I am sure there will be pictures posted to back this up and of course we weren’t given the ok to proceed until Carrie had frisked the Officer in Charge.  Normally we would have just taken the interstate through Atlanta and then hung a right onto the desired highway but since there was some construction on 75 we decided to take a little longer route and take I-285 around and miss the construction.  We took the by-pass and then got back onto I-75 on the south side of town and headed south.  About 20 miles down the road it occurred to me that I had missed our turn.  No one had said anything on the radio about hey Tom didn’t you just miss our turn because hey I’m TMT and I know where we’re going.  My pal KROD would have been proud of me except I didn’t take us 100 miles out of the way I only took us 40.  Anyways we finally got on the right track and made it to Fayetteville where we stopped a couple miles down the road and the bikes with flags unfurled their flags for the final leg.  We proceeded to the sub-division and I new the directions said house number 245, but when we approached house number 145 there was a group of people standing in the driveway waving and filming us coming so I started to stop only to have them quickly direct us on down the street to 245.  When we came up they were standing in the yard and it was obvious we had reached the correct house and our young marine Lance Corporal Patrick Denis was just Ah Shucks.  He said he thought we were Sons of Anarchy coming to get him.  After short introductions of ourselves to the family and few hand shakes and hugs I proceeded to introduce everyone and let our Marine and his family know how much we loved and appreciated not just him but all of them for being his support.  I gave Patrick a WWR challenge coin and as he read the coin you could tell he was cherishing that moment with every breath.  I then turned the lead over to Winger who presented Patrick with the WWR Certificate of Appreciation.  I felt it was important for Winger to give the certificate as he is a retired Marine and there is nothing better than to be acknowledged by one of your peers.  Heck I was impressed Winger could read it without glasses.  

Sometime during our meeting it was divulged that some of us liked beer and it was divulged that beer and cookies were waiting inside.  Heaven was just a few feet away.  Naturally I accepted the invitation and quickly pushed everyone inside.  We were introduced to the puppies and the gracious hospitality of our hosts.  After a beer and snacks we all had our picture taken and it was time to take the direct route back to Kennesaw.

The evening was capped off with dinner at Keegans and naturally a couple more brews.

Thanks everyone for making this another great day to be an American.

Thanks to Tiffany Denis for bringing us into your families world.