Ride Report posted for Maria

I arrived at the rally point in Collegeville 20 minutes before rally time and already, the crowd was growing! This had to be a good sign… and the day only got better. Sgt. Minkler’s  brothers had stopped in to say hello and let us know they were all set at the house.  The Trappe and Collegeville Fire Departments had arrived and the Upper Providence Police also were there to give us support. We had some visitors while we were waiting. John Torrance, who said his family used to own the property that our rally point was built, drove in to thank us for what we were doing.  He was a Vietnam Vet and was truly grateful for the support we were giving our Troops. John was visibly touched when he was coined by Fungi.  Thanks Pete! We were also joined by Tom from NE Philly.  Tom saw one of our welcomes on the news, and had wanted to join us for some time. We were set.  We gathered for a ride briefing (#1) and announced Jonathan’s Aunt and Uncle, Maureen, Don and their grandson Riley (Maureen worked with Sgt. Minkler’s wife, Aubrey) and we got to congratulate Police Officer Smith on his new baby daughter, Emma! Then… right after ride brief (#2) our Hero surprised us… 10 minutes before he was due to arrive! 

Jonathan was re-routed to drive through our flag line (and motorcycle line) for the formal welcoming!


We Mugged and Hugged our Marine while the news cameras and newspaper reporters were all in line for their shots and interviews.  The Riders mounted up, cages got in place and we were ready to roll.  The ride down Rt. 29, through Main Street in

Collegeville, with horns and sirens blasting, got the attention of everyone out on such a nice summer day.  As we arrived at Aubrey’s parent’s house, the family had gathered outside to greet us.  It was the first time they would see their son, brother, nephew and grandson with his new twin babies.  This young family was now surrounded by love and everyone could feel it.  The way they all embraced was a site I won’t soon forget.  Jonathan, Aubrey, JD and Madison were finally home.  We did a group shot and dispersed to let the party begin.

Thanks to all who helped make this welcome perfect.  Thank you!!!!