Ride Report posted for Glen DeVries

It was a true honor to welcome Home US Army SGT Robert Banas.  A welcome home that was well deserved.  Robert started his service with a deployment of Security Detail and Humanitarian Aid when Hurricane Katrina came ashore on the Gulf Coast.

In 2006 Robert served a 15 month deployment in Iraq on a (PSD) Personal Security Detail and EOD Security Specialist.

In 2009 he served a 12 month tour in Afghanistan training the Afghan Army and Police, where he was part of the counter IED effort. 

As Roberts family and the Oak Lawn PD picked him up at the airport, we gathered at the staging area.  When Robert arrived at the staging area, he was surprised by family, friends and a flagline of red, white and blue.  Hugs and thank yous were given to our hero, along with many pictures taken.  We were then ready to escort him to a party being held in his honor. At the party, we were greeted by a bagpiper playing patriotic songs and more family and friends.  After more hugs and thank yous were passed out, we presented Robert with the honor beads and the challenge coin and the banner was signed.  Thank you to Roberts family for inviting us to welcome home this American Hero and Thank you to Robert for volunteering to protect our freedom.