Ride Report posted for RC Dave Skinner



We received a special request from Operation Welcome You Home member Kathy Metzger to do a send off for a young man leaving for Navy Boot Camp.


His name is Josh Acton.  He is 19 years old and he has been in the DEP program for almost a year.  He is finally getting his wish to enter boot camp in late July.  This young man just earned his Master Mason last month and is very excited to finally be able to begin his career in the Navy.


Josh graduated from West Aurora High School in 2009.  He will be an Engineman when he completes boot camp


As quoted from Kathy, “Josh was at my son Alex Metzger’s (Marine) send off where the Warriors Watch Riders made such an impression on him (and all the rest of the party attendees) that this was one of his wishes.  I’m so excited to be a part of this one since it’s a personal friend.”. The meet and greet was a surprise and will give Josh and Alex something else to brag to each other about.  



Family and friends were having a party for Josh prior to his leaving for boot camp. Oswego LEO and FD escorted about 30 bikes and 8 cars to Josh’s  party about a mile from our staging area.  We called ahead and had family bring Josh and friends outside as we had Oswego LEO, a FD truck company, and ourselves roll down Main St USA with sirens blaring and pipes growling. As we stopped in front of the party, all our bikes seemed to throttle up at once and made the loudest thunder that even drowned out the ladder truck sirens. It was incredible!



Josh and his family were in awe that all these people showed up for Josh.  We presented Josh with our small tokens, sign our banner and took group photos right in the middle of Oswego Main St as store/restaurant patrons came out to join the crowd. We left Josh to spend the rest of the day with his family and friends at his party.





Special thanks to Oswego LEO, FD and Kathy Metzger for the request.


Anchors away Josh. You now have something new to brag to Alex about!