Ride Report posted for Roadhouse

It was a beautiful day when I rolled into the staging area and just getting off my bike when Amy his sister called they where 5 minutes out, thankfully Cindy, Nicks mom was there and told Amy to stall for 20 minutes which she did.Chicago police once again had done a great job getting our hero though the airport fast.

We had a good group there about 35 bikes 10 to 12 cars with family and other members there to welcome this hero home,Spc. Dolby was returning after a year in Afghanistan where he served with the 384 th, M P Co. Our police support made it members of Huntley police and McHenry Co. Sheriff we formed our flag line and within a few minutes our hero arrived,after being greeted by family it was are turn hugs and handshakes all around for this hero.

Then we mounted up for his escort to his welcome home party our hero wanted to ride so we got him a helmet and also one,  for Mom who also wanted to ride we then headed to Woodstock with lights and sirens blasting as police lead the way.We were loud and proud with our hero making as much noise as possible at times I couldn’t even hear the sirens.

As we came into the city limits of Woodstock, city police and fire took over the lead to his party once there we passed him a coin, then presented him a set of our mission beads and a copy of the thread there were more hugs and handshakes for this hero.We then thanked Mom and family for giving us the honor to welcome this hero home.

Wow what a great day.