Ride report for Len Nikoden

Warrior Watch had the unique opportunity on this Memorial Day weekend to do five missions in about 15 hours.

I was privileged to be the RC for leg 2 and 3.

The first young man we picked up was Andrew Kesselmayer, Son of our own Dennis Jolly.

Dennis and his wife were awesome hosts, inviting us all to their house early for coffee and donuts.

While we were there we had the privilege of coining three of Dennis friends that were vets of previous wars.

They were also presented with certificates by Maria f rom A Heroes Welcome.

After coining our hero we saddled up for our next hero.

By request of our hero’s dad, we met at a school just around the corner from their house.

Once we got there we formed a flag line in the driveway of the school and called for our hero to arrive.

The look of amazement on Bryan’s face was priceless. A flag line and about forty bikes just for him and his fellow soldier.

Another magic coin was palmed and we were on our way to the airport.

Memorial Day is a day we set aside to remember our fallen heroes.

I hope that this Memorial day is a little different for our two heroes.

They both know that they have another family to remember them until

they return to the Greatest Country in the world.

GOD bless all our service men and women wherever they are.

GOD bless America

Submitted by Len Nikoden