At the request of one of our own Stephan(Iron Butt) Geyer spoke with Ted’s wife Gina and asked if she would like the WWR to provide an escort to bring her husband home in our special way. His wife was thrilled, and assured me he’d be suprised as he’s oblibious to everything when he’s riding shotgun. We arranged to pickup them up at the I 95N rest stop, escort them up to their home in Havertown Pa. SSG Bullock is returning home from his 3rd tour in the Middle East. This time he was returning home from Afghanistan. He was orginally scheduled to return home on Monday the 19th but the volcanic eruption in Iceland pushed his return to Saturday the 24th.

Our hero finally landed at BWI, was picked up by his wife and wisked away to meet his reception in Pa. We had our flag line setup when they pulled in. Gina told him she needed to answer nature call as the reason for stopping. He wasn’t going to get out of the car as he thought we were there for someone else. Gina told him to get out of the car and we welcomed him home WWR style. To say he was blown away, is an understatement! We then saddled up for his escort home, 26 bikes and 3 cages. With a Trooper from the PA State Police leading the way we proceeded up 95 N, 476 N, then onto Rt 3 where the Haverford Township Police escorted us to Ted’s street. The friends and family awaiting Ted’s arrival said the could hear us comming when we exited onto Rt 3! With horns beeping we arrived at our destination. We assembled at his driveway and he was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his service from A Hero’s Welcome. It always amazes me that these members of the Armed Forces feel that the are “just doing their job.” When he was addressing us he tugged at his sleeve where his rank was and said ” I’m nobody”. He was promptly corrected with shouts from our members, that he was someone special. I coined him with our Honor Coin, and again thanked him for his service to our Great Nation.


Thanks go out to the PA State Police, Haverford Township police, ABC 6 News, Fox 29 News for their support and and coverage. Special thanks go out to Bobcat for his getting the leo’s out, Judy Marie for the Press coverage, DJOLLY for the photos.