Ride Report posted for Bluesman


Spc Robert Jones has served his Country in Afghanistan, and today, came back to his home area of Northeast Pennsylvania. Robert has actually been on US soil for several days, but is stationed in Alaska. Word came only a few days ago that he would be arriving at Wilkes Barre/Scranton Intl Airport this morning, from Lisa “Pinkie” Fumanti, president of Rolling Angels for Armed Forces PA ch 2, and WWR member. Miss “Pinkie” put together a very “short-notice” mission, to give this young Hero a wonderful welcome.

It was truly a coalition welcome, with many Northeast PA groups participating, including Rolling Angels for Armed Forces Ch 1 and Ch 2 PA, Friends of the Forgotten Northeast Wing, Friends of the Forgotten Inc., Warriors’ Watch Riders, Rough Riders, Abate, Legion Riders, and even two representatives of A Hero’s Welcome, that traveled all the way from Southern New Jersey!

Bobby was originally scheduled to arrive at 11:30 AM, but several delays pushed that arrival time back to 1:46 PM. I did not see many of the crowd leave! They all stayed, to be sure that he got a real proper mugging and hugging, along with a Magic Coin in the hand, and a Certificate from A Hero’s Welcome.
As approximately thirty motorcycles and twenty four-wheelers were parked outside, nearly fifty people were at the gate, as he passed through our flag line. It was total surprise to Bobby, as the first thing he saw coming in from the arrival gate was a banner held by A Hero’s Welcome, a Welcome Home Bobby sign held by Miss Pinkie, and as he turned the corner, dozens of Patriots, with Old Glory held high, in honor of this young Hero.

News coverage was provided by ABC WNEP TV channel 16, and Scranton Times Newspaper.
Bobby exited the airport, to be escorted by those thirty motorcycles and twenty cars and trucks, to a great party at the VFW in Jessup, PA. As the procession went through several small towns, police and fire departments provided a relay of escorts….Dunmore, Olyphant Throop, Jessup….all deserve thanks and praise for their support! As we approached the Jessup VFW, the whole block was lined with residents, to say “Welcome Home Hero!”. Thanks to the Jessup VFW for spreading the word to friends and neighbors! Inside, the VFW was packed with friends of our Hero, and a wonderful buffet was set out.
After a short leave here at home, SPC. Robert Jones will be returning to his station in Alaska, and will hopefully be taking a few good memories home with him!

The weather cooperated with us, in spite of the delayed arrival…I didn’t get soaked with cold rain and heavy-duty winds until I was about five miles from home. I hope everyone else at the VFW, which is about thirty miles north of me, didn’t suffer any worse, but for a young American Hero, what is a little rain!!
Thanks to;
Wilkes Barre/Scranton Intl Airport, Lisa “Pinkie” Fumanti, Dunmore, Olyphant, Throop, Jessup LEO and FD, Jessup VFW, Friends of the Forgotten Northeast Wing, Rolling Angels for Armed Forces PA ch 1 and 2, Friends of the Forgotten Inc., Rough Riders, Abate, Legion Riders, and if I omitted anyone, I apologize. Too many Patriots to count!
Respectfully Submitted,
Al “Bluesman” Philo
Warriors’ Watch Riders State Coordinator, PA Northeast Region, Scranton Area