Ride Report posted for Spike
This turned out to be a fun And tiring day. Brittany’s flight came in pretty early.So, we staged at our local gas station by the airport. We were waiting for the family,which her dad took the wrong exit.He called me on the phone,said he was lost. we got him to us,but that little bit of time put Brittany’s flight on the ground. we left for the airport,
And parked at Courtyard#1,Brittany’s dad needed help with his electric wheelchair, I went in to make sure she did’nt wonder away. myself & Gasman were at the baggage claim ,I saw this young blond woman in uniform,I yelled “Brittany”,she turned,I said ” Don’t move soldier” Gasman and I approached her,the look on her face”priceless”
2 bikers coming at her,ya think. I told her we are with her parents who are just down the hall,we hugged her and headed to the exit area.Thats where she saw her parents,she dropped her backpack and headed to them. We all took some pics and hugged. We got all loaded up and hit the road to concord, we had 5 bikes with approx. 6-10 waiting
on the way home.Due to the time of day ( 1500 Hrs.) it was hard to get riders off work and the Traffic from SFO to Concord is soo bad. From Candlestick(49ers) to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge took 1 hr. 20 mins.(which is only a few miles)
bumper to bumper,about  5-13 mph the whole way.Once we got up to a little speed 45 mph,we got our 2nd heavy traffic area,the Caldacotte Tunnel. We finally were hooked with the other bikes,and shot for the exit,I could see brittany thru my mirror.Smiling all the way,Once on her street i could see the FD Truck,with its lights flashing,also the sherrif were ther with their blue lights going.Approx 30-40 friends,family,neighbors were waiting.A very nice homecoming, Bryan from Laffayette Flag Brigade,Blue star Moms, VFW,AM,ALR. We had PGR,HOG, and our very good friends from the Dirty Dogs.Welcome Home Brittany!!