Ride Report posted for Spike

We staged at 0600 hrs. at our local Starbucks before heading over to Buchannan Airfield (the love us there!).  We staged with 10 bikes.  Once we had our coffee, we headed to the airfield to pick-up the Huey.  Los Positas College was having a Veterans Day event on site, in the middle of the college.  In attendance were FD, USMC, VA, Eagles Up, American Legion, VFW, BSM, Veterans and many others. 

We rolled out of the airport at 0700 hrs. and rolled into the college 45 minutes later.  What a sight it was to see a Huey rolling into the middle of a college campus!  A lot of the students were there and couldn’t believe their eyes – 12 bikes (picked up two along the way) rolling in with a Huey Helicopter.  You don’t see that every day!  We got the Huey staged and set-up for display, parked the bikes off to the side of the aircraft, and just enjoyed our day talking to everybody – including our Vets.  We were treated to breakfast and lunch by the college for our efforts.  Special thanks to Todd Steffan and all the work he does for our Veterans at the college.  We rolled out at approximately 1400 hrs. and brought the Huey home.