Ride Report posted for Spike

The night was a little chilly as we staged (was not as cold as the east coast), but nontheless for us west coasters, it was chilly!  We staged at the local Chevron gas station and the mission was to pick-up Lcpl. Nawrath and bring him to the Danville, CA town hall.  Our kick stands up was pretty much at 1800 hrs. so it was getting kind of dark.  The Lcpl. returned from Iraq in ’08 where he spent his time in the infantry squad training Iraqi police.  He then went to 29 Palms for more training.  We rolled to his house with 17 bikes and two cages.  When we got to his house, he came walking out in his dress blues.  We then immediately mugged & hugged him – being careful not to wrinkle his uniform.  We then asked him if he would like to ride on the back of a bike.  Of course he said YES immediately!  We placed his cover into the back of a tour pack of a bagger, handed him a helmet and off we went.  It was a short ride (about 5 minutes from his house to the town hall).  We rounded the corner to our destination and were greeted by 40+ members of the community – including the Mayor, City Councilmembers, Fire and Police Departments, BSM, VFW, American Legion, PMF, Op SAM, friends and family.  We all entered the town hall chambers where the ceremony commenced with the Mayor giving a Proclamation to the young Lcpl.  Certificates were given to him also, as well as coins and then the final group shot – Welcome Home Marine!