Ride Report posted for Spike

Staging was set at 0900 hrs. at Buchannan Air Field in Concord, CA.  Our first part of the mission was to escort the AMVETS/Concord Vet Center Huey Display Aircraft to Pleasanton, CA.  Our second part of the mission was to be in the parade – yipee!  Our third part of the mission was to escort the Huey back to its parking spot at Buchannan.  Early morning, we all met at Starbucks before heading to the airport.  We rolled in there with 16 bikes.  Once we arrived at the airport, we had our briefing with the tow vehicle driver and the riders.  Since the aircraft can only travel 50 m.p.h. on freeway’s there are a lot of safety factors involved.  What a sight it is to see a Huey going down the freeway – especially for our Vietnam Vet Riders! 

Once we arrived in Pleasanton, we staged the aircraft and waited for the parade to start.  Once the parade started – game on!  This was a Marine Corps. dedicated parade but the Huey got a lot of cheers, a lot of visitors and it was an honor for WWR to escort her due to the longstanding history of the aircraft.  Once the parade was complete we stopped, closed her up and secured all panels and headed back to the airport.