Ride Report Posted for Spike

We got to our staging at the Harley Dealership , just outside the airport,early.Was getting chully,and the flight was not due in till 7pm.We rolled over to the airport with 12 bikes at 6:30pm.We parked in our assigned spot ,thanks to Alameda Sheriffs office. The flight came in on time,we stood a Flag line at security.Now,2 of them were brothers
Dustin Clark(pierson)AF,Beau Clark(usmc) and their friend Robert Howland.Dustin and Beau’s mom Pam was with them,flying up from San Diego.Well,when they arrived they saw the Flag Line,they could not believe it was for them.We mugged & Hugged them, and got ready to roll to Brentwood,approx an Hour away.We had to go to Plan “B”
for the route home ,since our primary was shut down due to construction and it was right in the middle of the commute.We hit the road with 2 flag bikes leading the family car and 2 flag bikes behind,and the rest.It was a chilly 42 degrees on the way home. Now,the best part was rhat we were taking them to the Veterans Hall,where we were having our Holloween party.We rolled up to the hall approx. 8:30 pm,Pirates,damsels, and a variety of costumes welcomed our servicemen home.