Ride Report posted for Spike


Well this was a very special Welcome Home.Spc.Jonathan Gatkin’s dad(Josh) is a Capt. in the Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Dept.Now Josh comes to alot of our welcome Home Missions and helps with FD being there.Well,now its his son’s turn.We staged down the road a bit,then headed over to the Safeway parking Lot.We were met by Josh and friends of Jonathan and Justin.A FD Ladder truck showed up ,then a engine.we had 22 bikes & total of 5 cages.We set up with the Ladder truck leading,followed by 3

Flag bikes,then the 2 cages with the Soldiers in it,3 more Flag Bikes,the other FD Engine,then the rest of the Bikes and the cages,the Battalion Chief in his blazer brought up the rear.When Jonathan & Justin showed up,they could not believe their eyes.We mugged & Hugged them, we talked a bit about their deployment & Buddies. We were around 2 miles away from the house.The Ladder truck lite up the lights and sirens,Horns blowing,v-twins roaring,flashers flashing.We went straight up the downtown area,People were waving from the sidewalks.We gotto the house ,where there was another engine sitting there.Around 50 people were waiting for us,in all we had almost 100.The certificates were given,coins presented.They will not forget this.