Ride Report posted for Spike
Was a nice night in Antioch,we staged down the street at a 7/11.Kevin was at a Restaurant up the street about 3 blocks.At around 6:45 pm we rolled to the eatery and parked out front with 19 bikes & 3 cages.Myself & Joker headed inside to surprise the young Marine.And man did we.As we rounded the corner to his booth, we stood right in front of him ,and we asked ” Are you a Marine?”He said “yes” with this look on his face.Here stood 2 leather clad bikers, his jaw almost hit the floor.We told him to  eat up and meet us outside.The shock & awe was unreal.His brother had a hard time not bursting into laughter.Well,he came outside around 15 mins. later,with the deer in the headlight look.I  called him over to where we were all parked.Then I Turned him over to all the riders,which mugged & hugged him.
 We mounted up and headed over to his home about 10 mins. away.The Local FD # 82 was there with VFW , BSM’s, Antioch Military Families group. Neighbors and friends as well.We coined him and presented certificates to the Marine.The Smile could not leave his face.