Ride Report posted for Country Mike

We all met at the Wachovia Sports Complex at 8:45 am. KSU @ 9:15 for our destination to St Monicas’ Church, 17 blocks away. This is where Services were held and our flag line was set for Honors for John A. Duffy. A retired Philadelphia Police Officer of 28 yrs plus 20 yrs retired from the Army Reserves. 
We presented Arms as Johns 6 sons carried the casket into the Church. We stood till all entered. The Church doors were closed for Services and we broke down our flag line. We again formed our flag line and rendered a Salute as everyone exited the Church. We lined up behind the Philadelphia Police Department who escorted the procession 5 miles away to Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon Pa. We set our flag line as everyone gathered at Johns final resting place. Philadelphia Police Honor Guard did the Flag Folding Ceremony plus a 21 Gun Salute. As family and friends placed flowers on the casket a Piper played Oh Danny Boy.
Thank You to the Duffy family for allowing us to take part to show Honors for John. A man who was there for Country and as a 1st responder as a Philadelphia Police Officer.
Respectfully Submitted
Country MIKE