Ride Report posted for Spike

We left early for the 1 hr ride to Colma.We staged at the Chapel/Funeral Home.We had
10 bikes in all.Steve and his family came and made a point to come over and say thanks.
As the family were inside having their services,we prepared for the escort.Pushing our
bikes into position.One of the riders was asked to help pallbear,PJ stepped up,as
because he was “Big Red 1″ also.Now,the Director was a Vietnam Vet,and this was the first Escort from the WWR at his facility.We stood the FlagLine as Armand was placed into his coach.We started up and rolled,tailgunners taking out a 6 lane road.We got to the Italian Cemetary,and the Honor guard was waiting.The Flag was folded and they about
to present to the wife,she stopped them and said ,”give it to my son”. After the services
the Director came up to us.tears in his eyes and said he has never seen an escort like that ever.