Ride Report posted for Spike
Was a nice night right of the bat,the bikes started rolling in right on time.We had a dual mission this night,We had 6 bikes escorting a 90 year old B-Day Sailor,just up the rode.
When it was time to roll 20 bikes were in the line up.So,we head to grandma’s house.
Joshua had no idea we were coming,grandma did.But,Grandma was so shocked when
she saw all the bikes pull up to her front door.We gathered around Joshua and mugged
& hugged him.Well,we get all staged up for the escort thru town to Livermore,the FD
supploed a Engine for our lead,although they can’t blast lights and sirens,their presence
was enough.Now the evening commute in this town can be very heavy,going in the same
direction.We set out our tailgunners and hit the road.Joshua was non-stop grins,and
so was grandma.People were waving and honking their horns as we treked thru town.
One of our cages got the call that the other escort (6 bikes) were heading over to us.
They were waiting at the overpass,flashers on,motors reving.Joshua & grandma
waved at them as they merged into the caravan.We got to joshua’s parents home,
and there were at least 50-60 people waiting,as we rounded the corner,camera flashes
went off,flags waving,people yelling.Joshua was blown away.The coins were given,
certificates presented,what a great night.