Ride Report posted for Rabbit

I started out for the run headed up rte 1 and ran into some kind of traffic tie up, so I reversed direction and took another route up rte 3, I was shocked when I finally got there . Bobcat , T , and Kel were all there along with Delaware County Sheriffs Dept officer Bob and his K 9 partner , Upper Darby PD and Haverford Twp. along with a row of bikes  all the way down the parking lot . After some razzing about getting there after everyone else we went about the business of Welcoming Home our hero. We had our pre ride briefing there was 38 bikes 4 cages and our PD motorcycle escort along with all his support cars. We had members of the Upland Garage Motorcycle Organization, Second Brigade M.C, the Norwood Dunkin  crew , and SJ and Sepa Warrior Watch and a Hero’s Welcome. Our PD escort got us safely to the house were our Hero and his family came out to see what the noise was and there was some serious noise, As I approached the yard I could still see bikes the next block over still making there way into the neighborhood. SFC Farrell came out in his uniform to greet us and thanked us over and over again as many of these hero’s are he was very humble about all the attention. His son who is a Second Lieutenant was also in the yard. I thanked him for his service gave him his honor coin then Toolman coined his son Ken Jr. ,Summer from a Hero’s Welcome made her presentation then we went about the logistics of getting the family into place in this very tight little street so we could complete the second half of our mission getting our Hero down rte 3 to the party waiting for him. We put him and his family between 38 bikes four support vehicles for his ride.

I would like to thank Bobcat for an amazing amount of  LEO support they basically shut down rte 3 for 7 miles on a busy Saturday night. The support from LEO came from Upper Darby PD Haverford Twp PD Marple Newtown PD Bob from Delaware Co Sheriffs Dept who comes out and supports us often, and last but not least Newtown Square FD . I was literally blinded by all the flashing lights . I could see in my rear view what looked like and endless stream of bikes following us to our destination. SFC Farrell said he felt like a rock star or something. We gathered for some group pictures and were invited inside but I told them it was there night to go enjoy the party our work was done and it was our pleasure to escort someone who devoted 27 yrs to defending us . Every where I looked everyone just had giant grins on there faces. Thanks everyone for making this a very successful mission. Grease told me if I did a mission it was like crack your hooked for life, he was right I hope the many new riders come back again , I am pretty sure someone passed out our literature.  Welcome Home SFC Farrell