Ride Report posted for Spike
Well,this Marine just got home in San Bruno.We escorted Lcpl. Partridge and his Family to Pleasanton at 1400 Hrs. Fred and the WWR left them in the Downtown  Area.They could not go to their house,the Support groups PMF, SAM, LFB were there setting up.So,we left the family and staged elsewhere.We came back aroud 1800 Hrs. with 17 bikes and 2 cages. Chris was totally surprised to see us again.We had only a 15 min ride to the house.When we got to their neighborhood,we could see all the people waiting,waving flags,cheering.Chris’s sisters gave a speech that made us all teary eye’d. Coins were presented,certificates given.The family had refreshments out in the courtyard. The neighbors joined in as well as dozens of friends and family.