Ride Report posted for Ray

OK ! OK ! It was early but worth it , actually this was Nut Case`s idea Ha !!!!! ,, anyway we met up at Walmart at o-dark thirty hell the sun wasnt even up yet , but we knew it was going to be a beautiful day rode up to the Gap diner to meet up with the rest of the bobble heads , I mean the rest of our crew…LOL and ride up to the American Legion Post for the grand rally point and holy cow grand it was what a showing I cant count that high but I would say a couple hundred easy , we signed up to do the ride and then went and ate breakfast at the Legion , so with a full belly and full of gas (bikes) we decided to tackle this on our own we proclaimed Susan and Larry official WWR map readers since they were in Susan`s cage and besides Larry just had eye surgery so he needed the work out we jokingly named him one eyed Larry , I will say this Susan and Larry did a great job taking us on this ride much thanks you guys.

Off we go the Amish were so thick on the roads we thought they were on the war path not to mention all the horse sh**t
on the roads but hey sh**t happens right ….Ha !!! , We rode as good will ambassadors waving to them all ( Amish )most waved and others just didnt know what to think but it was fun , we covered 4 bridges before some had to pull out and head home we pulled in for a pit stop for gas and said good-bye to those that had to leave , we continued on the rest of the ride and all in all covered 8 bridges. It was a great to see our WWR brothers and sisters again and even better to know that we were helping our Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed God Bless them.

Stay tuned for our next exciting , most adventurous and just downright fun ride coming to a Rally Point near you…….see ya !!!!!