Ride Report posted for Doug Askren

On a cool damp Saturday morning 15 bikes and 10 cages staged and rode over to the home of IL National Guard Major Tracey Collins.  With the help of our Naperville Police escort we circled the block in a very noisy fashion.  We stopped in front of the house and greeted the Major, a seventeen year National Guard veteran.  This mother of two young boys just finished a year in Afghanistan, where she was awarded a Bronze Star and Combat Action Ribbon.  After everyone had an opportunity to thank the Major and give her many handshakes and hugs we showed her to the limo one of our members furnished and took off down the road.  We escorted the Major, her husband and two sons to one of the boys football games near the center of Naperville.  At the park we were met by more well wishers and a squad of cheerleaders. 
The Major was touched and moved to tears.  Her husband a local Police Sgt. was very excited and grateful.  The boys could not quit smiling.  I told them all we could never hope to repay the sacrifice they had all made.  A mom away from her young family, in harms way for a year,  two young boys without their mother for a year, and the Major’s husband without his wife caring for the two boys.  What a heroic family.  I can only say thanks from the bottom of my heart.  Thanks also to the Naperville PD and all our loyal members that understand why we do these welcome homes.  Thanks also to the mayor of Naperville George Pradel former Corporal USMC and state represent Darlene Senger.  We rode home, with a warm feeling in our heart as the sun popped out.  Thankful for another warrior home with family and friends.