Ride Report posted for Tank, aka Mike Sterling


 The following takes place on Sunday, August 2, 2009 between the hours of 4:30 PM and 7:00 PM.


The Georgia Warrior’s Watch Riders arrived at staging and made ready for our one mile journey to Matt’s home.  It had been raining on and off all day.  The rain dumped on us at staging so we acted quickly and put on our rain gear.  I called Matt’s sister while standing under an umbrella and said that we will be riding in after the rain stops.  The rain soon subsided, we pledged our allegiance to our American flag, talked briefly and then we rode together loud with flags flyin to Matt’s house.  We rolled up to the yard and were greeted in the street by Matt, his girlfriend, Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family.  It was a heartfelt moment.  We all exchanged greetings, plenty of hugs all around.  I then asked Matt our warrior to come forward.  He never stopped smiling and his smile was on all of us.   “WELCOME HOME MATT” was heard as I presented Matt with the Warrior’s Watch Plaque which honors his service and patriotism along with our sincerest Thanks.  I then presented Matt with our Warrior’s Watch challenge coin and one each for his girlfriend, Mom, Dad, and Sister.



Matt’s sister Kristen and I work together and she had mentioned a few weeks ago that her family wasn’t aware of the Blue Star flag and what it represents.  So on this day, I presented Matt’s Mom with a 3’ X 5’ Blue Star flag.  I explained that family members of warriors deployed in a war have the honor of displaying this flag.  This Blue Star Flag will wave to let everyone know that Cpl. Matthew Stephen Mattocks, United States Army National Guard warrior, son, brother, friend and patriot is away fighting in a war and defending our freedom.  Dad and Mom quickly and proudly hung the new flag on the front porch.


We were then invited up to the house for a cookout.  There was a lot of food and drink.  Time to eat!  I chatted with Matt and he told me that he is going back to A-stan this week and that he would be home to stay probably in March of next year.  I pledged to him that we would be back to do this again.  This was a family day theirs and ours.  One family now.


I will keep in touch with Matt’s sister at work and pass along any updates.   I am sure many of our members will be doing the same thing.  This Welcome Home for Matt was incredible!


Thank you to all that were a part of this very special day.


Welcome Home Matt!  We will see you in March.  Your Dad says we will be having steaks.  Yeah.


God Bless the Mattocks family and keep them in your prayers.


With Respect,


Tank, aka Mike Sterling