After 30 pages on the forums, and 2 months in the making, today was proof that good things come to those that wait.

It would be impossible to list everyone that went above and beyond to support this mission. I believe that today was nothing short of a complete team effort. So let me simply say Thank You Warriors Watch Riders for all that you did to make today such a success, but then you don’t need a thank you from me.

The Veterans and their spouses, thanked you, in their smiles, their hand shakes, and their hugs, thats what really mattered. You did a good thing today my brothers and sisters. You bought smiles and a feeling of not being forgotten to these folks. It was only a hotdog , or potato salad we served them , but they ate up the attention and gratitude like kids with ice cream. There was a special twinkle in their eyes that you couldn’t turn away from. They felt wanted and remembered, and you did that out of kindness and generosity. This stuff is good for your heart.

Over 200 hotdogs and almost 200 burgers were served. Potato salad, macaroni salad, brown rice, beans , brownies, A keg of Birch Beer, gallons of ice cream, all made or provided by WWR members , served to each of our guest, by WWR members, with one common purpose, showing respect for these seniors and their contributions , veterans from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. These are the folks that thanked us. Can you believe it, they thanked us.

This also was a day of firsts for the WWR First time we went outside our ranks for donations and contributions. First BBQ. First visit to a Veterans Center. We must give a Thank you to Kissin Fresh, Meats, for the Dogs and Burgers, and Stroehman Bread for the buns and rolls. Their providing these provisions really helped make today special.

Thank You for being good people, Good Americans, Good Patriots, and for being members of Warriors Watch Riders.
This kind of team effort is what makes each mission so special. A proud and humble, T