Road Captain In Charge Kim “SGMMOM” arrives with 80 close friends at the Kromer residence.

SPC Jon D Kromer, Combat Soldier Medic, with the 173rd Airborne, and HUGE EAGLES FAN came home to spend some well deserved R&R with his family after serving a 15 month tour in Afghanistan. A Hero’s Welcome and Warriors’ Watch Riders teamed up yet again in an effort to make SPC Kromer’s homecoming a memorable one. Jon came down the escalator to a group of American and Philadelphia Eagle Patriots awaiting him in the lobby with American Flags and Philadelphia Eagle Banners there to greet him. Jon was overwhelmed by the number of people there for him only to walk outside the doors of the Airport to see more than 50 bikers also holding flags and banners to greet him with an enthusiastic THANKS for his service and WELCOME HOME.

SPC Kromer had purchased a car online (sight unseen) and had it delivered to his home prior to this homecoming. Jon’s parents had the car delivered to Engine 69 for us to put it in the middle of our motorcycle escort. Jon drove with his parents in this very vehicle in the middle of our caravan for his escort.

We are very grateful to SPC Kromer’s mom and dad for allowing us to take part in the celebration of Jon’s homecoming. We mounted up to escort him and his family home to about 40 miles away.

Photo by Cutest CopWe are honored to be a part of this day for SPC Kromer and his family. It was an impressive sight to see the caravan of 1 PA State Trooper, 58 flagged motorcycles, 10-15 cages and 1 local PD enveloping the vehicle carrying this hero and his family from the Philadelphia Airport to his home in Coatesville, PA. A sight that we are sure made quite an impression on their neighbors and all to see when we came rolling in!

Once we arrived at Jon’s home a local Sky Flight Medic Helicopter did a 3 time Flyover his house sounding their siren to welcome Jon home.

It was Warriors’ Watch Riders, A Hero’s Welcome, the Philadelphia Airport Police, the Pennsylvania State Trooper, Sky Flight, Engine 69 and our friends in the tower at Air Traffic Control whose combined efforts made this whole affair a day that SPC Kromer will, hopefully, remember for the rest of his life.

Along with these professionals MUCH thanks must go out to the JOB WELL DONE by all that participated in this outstanding day from the initial planners to the Road Guards and Commo support received during the ride execution. Special thanks to Jane and Ed for their donation of an autographed Tommy McDonald Hall of Fame Eagles hat to SPC Kromer and to Grease and Olive Oil for their donation of an Eagles Westbrook Jersey.


We owe our troops – we owe them big – and we could never do too much to show them this.

God Bless SPC Kromer and his family. We can’t wait until he comes home for good!

Kim “SGMMOM” Huggins