Ride Report posted for Joe Alger

It was a cloud filled rain on the horizon morning as we began to filter in to Woodstock Harley Davidson Saturday.

Jumping Jeff was the first on the scene. After I filled up with petro and finished a 40oz Monster for breakfast we headed over to the parking lot.

Doug Jackson, the GM for the dealership came out and after wiping the cute little sleepers from his eyes he invited our growing group into the dealership for coffee and a bathroom break…–and to buy a new Harley if we needed one—-which we all want but don’t really need….

By 0830 it was sunny when Josh rolled up with his pretty girlfriend and Denny we had some 20 plus bikes and 4 cages lined up to greet this departing hero.

We had a great lead vehicle to O’Hare. The O’Hare police could not have been nicer letting us park pretty much anywhere in front of American Airlines while we roared our engines and bid a found farewell to Josh.

It turned out to be a beautiful day and we’ll do it again when Josh comes home…..

The Ord police are great people even when they don’t know we are coming…

Thanks everyone for coming out and making this a day that Josh will hopefully never forget..