SSG Andrew Pearce, WWR Escort. Photo by Tom Beitz (see photo page for more)

All of our troops are “special” to us. That is after all our entire reason for doing what we do – we love them, we love their families, and we want them and the whole country to know it.

This particular ride was special to me for a couple of reasons. First, the very poignant letter that was written two weeks ago asking us for our services from Dad. Dad is a Vietnam Vet, as are many of us, and he too remembers what it is like to come home from serving your country only to be ignored by a seemingly ungrateful nation. We never want that to happen again.

Then, SSG Andrew Pearce, finishing his THIRD tour protecting our freedoms, is a member of my beloved 3RD Infantry Division.

Finally, I was blown away by the cooperation shown by so many individuals, groups, clubs and agencies who came together to make this so memorable. We had about 70 bikes and several other vehicles for this ride. Counting the cagers and 2-up riders, we had about 100. Add to those the members of A Hero’s Welcome and the Yellow Ribbon Club and that is a LOT of people, and this graciuos family extended the hospitality of their home to all of them. Our guys were treated to food and drink and good company, and while we do not need to be fed, I did notice how it was appreciated and I appreciate that.

The individuals who need to be thanked are too numerous to mention, but in particular I need to thank:

The family of SSG Pearce, for their kind hospitality, and their neighbors for putting up with a LOT of bikers. The local Police Department, Fire Department and the New Jersey State Troopers. The employees and management of Mike’s Famous Harley-Davisdon, for their help and hospitality. The Yellow Ribbon Club. A Hero’s Welcome, including Marine Cpl. Ray Henninger and his new bride. The American Sheepdogs. The Gathering of Eagles. The Camden County HOGS. The Nam Knights MC. The Second Brigade MC. The American Legion Riders, and ALL BIKERS AND VETERANS WHO SUPPORT THE WARRIORS WATCH.

Finally, the United States Army for training such heroes as SSG Andrew Pearce.

– lutz

SSG Andrew Pearce. Photo by StreetShooter (see photo page for more)


This was a hot but beautiful day for a welcome home for SSGT Andrew Pearce to his home in Monroeville New jersey.  I would like to thank all of the people that participated in this ride. The Warriors Watch had riders from Joe Brunner and the Nam Knights, Ron Dilks, and the riders from the Camden County Hogs, and we had several of the American Legion Riders and Second Brigade MC that completed our little group of 165 bikes.

We started rallying in the K-Mart shopping center in Brooklawn , New jersey. The local Brooklawn Police were kind enought to escort us out tof the lot and onto rt. 130 south to head for Mikes Harley in DE. As Wayne said, the “165 bikes” made it to Mikes without a hitch, and we met Andrew and his family in the lot at Mikes. He was a little early so we all went in Mikes store to wait for Jim and Lisa, Andrews parents. Now it is time to leave Mikes for the Pearse home in Monroville. With the help of the employes from Mikes, we were able to get out of the lot and over the bridge to jersey, where we were greated by the Jersey State police. The State and Local police have been there evertime we asked, as they were there in force again today. I am not sure exactly how many local police units were there today but we never put our feet on the ground through the entire ride. Chief Defalco from Elk Twp. was quite intrumental in lineing up most of the local LEO . When we reached the Pearse home we were again greeted by the local fire dept. news crew from channel 10, and many family members and friends. After Andrew and his step father made a speech, we were treated to food an drink.

There was one bad part of the day. there was a rider named George Tencza that started out this morning to meet us in Brooklawn. George did not make it, he was hit by a car and taken to a hospital for Cat Scans and examination. Luck would have it, our own Leslie Drummond, who is a nurse was the first person on the site and helped george until he was taken to the Hospital. Leslie and George are good friends, so you can amagine how she felt when she saw it was George that was down. He has no breaks or fractures, road rash, and he says now I can get a new bike. I will try to get his email address so we can send him a word or two of encouragement.

We all also have another prayer to say, our LEADER was not hurt on his way home. Wayne, hopefully you are not hurt in any way. The bike can be fixed, and it has to be done by FRIDAY.