Ride Report posted for REDBEARD

When we where contacted by the yellow ribbon club about a 19 year veteran coming home “ short notice” after a year of being away from his wife Melissa and 2 year old Daughter we knew we needed to make this mission happen and give this Hero, Capt. Larry Silverman, a True “ROCK STAR” Welcome home.

We knew our Hero was coming home the night before, so we contacting his wife and made arrangements to meet after they had Dinner at a restaurant near their home.

As I pulled into the Parking lot rally point, I was very happy to see about 15 bikes there.
We all parked in an area that was blocked from our Hero seeing us.
“SideCar” Bill went inside to do some recon and to make sure we could recognize our “package” as he came out. After a little while we grabbed our flags and formed a Line at the doorway of the Restaurant and waited for our hero and Family to exit.

As they walked through the doors they where indeed met with loud cheers and the normal words of praise as we “Mugged and Hugged” our Hero.

What was so precious to see was that Capt. Silverman kept his little girl in his arms as we thanked him for his service. After a year of being away from his little baby, Our Hero was making sure she knew that she was Daddy’s little girl.

We mounted our bikes and formed a motorcade with the help of the Marlton Leo, and escorted our Hero and his family back to their home in Marlton. As we turned the corner onto the court of their residence, The Yellow Ribbon Club, Marlton Fire Department and EMS and a score of neighbors all where outside waving flags and cheering as we drove towards that Majestic American Flag waving from about 60 feet in the Air.
The “ROCK STAR” Was home and everyone knew it.

Our Hero was presented a Magic Coin and symbolism Info from “Cav”.

It’s funny to see how different people act when given awards and praise and Thanked for their Service. Some are shy and some simply want you to know that it was their Duty and Honor to do. It does humble me because the most precious thing anyone can give other then their life, is their time. And These Heroes give it over and over without wanting any recognition.

Captain Silverman THANK YOU for your service, dedication and sacrifice to ensure our freedom and way of life. Your baby girl has a Daddy and a Hero that she will always look up to and love, even when the uniform is hanging in the closet.