Ride report posted for Lisa Moran

We received notice the day prior to this ride that Spc. La Plant was home on leave.  He didn’t want any sort of escort, instead he said to wait until he returns from his next tour.

The American Legion decided this hero needed to know people support him and care, so off we were to a party being held in Michael’s honor.

We arrived at the Legion hall with horns and sirens blaring.  Everyone from inside the party was standing outside as we arrived.

Not only was a party being held for Michael, but on the other floor of the Legion hall there was a party for Bryan who also recently returned.

How lucky we were to be able to thank not only one but two soldiers for their service.

We presented both soldiers with coins and honor beads as well as hugs and handshakes.

Thank you to the families of these two heroes for allowing us to share in your celebrations.  it was an honor to be there!’