Ride Report posted for Lisa Moran

What a “Good Friday” it was.  After talking with “mom” we decided to make this a two stage mission.  Being RC we met our Hero’s parents at the airport.  We had pre-arranged with the Chicago PD to get the parents and Ride captains to the gate.  The USO was also contacted and was waiting there with flowers, balloons and banners.

We talked while waiting for our hero’s flight to land.  What a wonderful family the McMahon family is, two of their sons are local firefighters, their daughter I think they said works for the county, Ryan is a Marine, what a truly wonderful family!!  They really seem dedicated to serving the public.

Ryan and his wife stepped off the plane to cheers and hugs.

Ryan thanked us for being there, as he thought this was the end of the “surprise”.  We had told Ryan that Chicago’s finest was going to escort us to the Oasis and that we would pull in there to thank him.  Little did Ryan know that the WWR family was there waiting for his arrival.

As we approached the Oasis our officer gave a heads up to the WWR members by hitting his siren.  He than pulled off to the side and our hero pulled right into the awaiting flagline.

Hugs and handshakes were exchanged.  Ryan’s brothers, both firefighters, were there as well.  One even rode.

We presented Ryan with honor beads and a challenge coin and we were off to complete our escort.

Our escort has seemless handoff between police departments as always.  We arrived at the McMahon home and once again thanked our Marine.

Thank you to the Chicago, Carpentersville, Barrington Hills and Algonquin PD’s.  We are always thankful for your participation and for all you do.

Thank you to the McMahon family for allowing us to be a part of you families celebration.

And Thank you Ryan for your service to our country.  You are a true American Hero.’