Mission Report posted for Ray

I dont know where to begin , which is rare for me ,, As I write this my heart still weighs heavy , in knowing that this was his last welcome home it matters not that we and I did not know his family or this Marine personally but for the fact that he was excuse me IS a fellow Marine brother for what he is and for what he has done I am very greatful for in know that with out him protecting our freedom I would not be able to write this and he will not be forgotten.

A cloudy rainy day we assembled at our rally point , gathered our troops and made way to the church to begin to HONOR this MARINE and his family , as we approached other fellow riders of the PGR were already there and after a quick introduction of ourself`s we deemed the need to gather forces as one and as one we did without eveybodies cooperation this would not have taking place (Thank You PGR), we established our flag lines and all went well , it was an overwhelming site to see along with all the families , friends and fellow marines that came to honor Cpl. Williams. Due to the tight quarters in which to hold our flag line at his final resting place , reason is the cemetary was right next to the church , we felt we needed to have a dri-run of our flag line for assurance that everybody have a good idea of what was needed and may I say that WE all worked hard to get this done and got it done we did, it was flawless (BIG THANK YOU) we took a short break while the service was being held and reorganized right after again, everybody knew what they needed to do and took their position for Cpl. Williams final resting place flag line, there was such a large group of friends and family that came out , that and the fact that MR.& Mrs. Williams was having a hard time with the loss of their son I did not want to approach them just yet for the presentation of our honor coin, the top or cap of his coffin was set aside with pictures of rememberance for all to see , which gave me an idea , knowing that Mr. Williams was going to approach this , I was able to greet him and say our condolenses and god bless his son , I him asked for permission to on behalf of of all of us WWR to place our honor coin on his son`s casket Mr. Williams was very greatful and gave me the ok , forever be it known that Cpl. Anthony L. Williams will always be a part of us as we will be a part of his family. We concluded to a what was a very heart felt day……..

I would like to personally thank all my WWR brothers and sisters you know where you stand in my heart. All the PGR for coming together and standing shoulder to shoulder with us as brothers and sisters as it should be. The Leathernecks MC thank you

Mr. & Mrs Williams you gave us the HONOR of being there for your son as son your son was there for us , GOD BLESS you and your family