I arrived at Surburbia Plaza just shy of 1200 hours. I heard a bike & there was Lukester & another bike. What a Father’s Day…Alan, Lukes son, was coming along for the ride! Hmmm, maybe we’ll have a good turnout afterall. We waited to see if PisnNapalm would arrive but couldn’t wait any longer. Departed at 1215.

Arrived at Turkey Hill, Cochranville, at 1315 hours to see about 5 bikes there. Wow, getting better. We gased up & went inside for a drink & BAM! there must have been about 40 bikes now in the parking lot! We met Chad, cousin of Brandon & Chad, and was decided to take this across the street for more room. Now look who appears…Grease & the Mrs…for support. Now THIS is turning out to be an AWESOME send-off afterall.

Who showed up? Riders from De. PGR, Leathernecks MC, CMA, and many, MANY friends and Hardy family well wishers. (Sorry of I left anyone/group out). Oh yes, also the Cochranville FD with their trucks & fire police to ensure our safety…THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE!

We departed enroute to the Hardy house, less than 5 minutes away. There the entire family was standing out front looking at all of us rumbling down their narrow street. (Should have seen us turning around!!!) Oh yeah, we had about 125 bikes all total!!! I do not believe the Hardy’s were expecting this number of bikes. Will leave it with the entire family was very emotionally “touched” by the outpouring of support, encouragement, & love all in attendance. Each one of us personally shook Chad’s hand & he kept repeating himself saying, “Thank you, this is so amazing”. Emotions ran wild by all. Will say no more.

Packed up the family and we proceeded escorting them to the recruiting office in Downingtown. Upon arrival, who did we see? WWR’s Deuce & Hindy! They may have arrived earlier but I did not see them until Downingtown, sorry if so. This has turned out to be absolutely FANTASTIC!!! After a short break, we departed Downingtown at 1530 hours for Harrisburg. Yes, some had to head back home BUT the seed was planted of support for the Hardy family. We had probably over 25-30 bikes for the ride to Harrisburg! WOW!!!

Harrisburg: Unpon arrival, the recruiter personally thanked each & every one of us. He stated that in all the times he had done this, he had NEVER seen such a delivery of a recruit as he saw today with Chad Hardy. He got choked over it. He said that Semper Fidelis means “Always faithfull” & the brotherhood shown today was a perfect example of its meaning.

Everyone shook Chad’s hand & gave him a good luck hug. All we could hear him say was thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE.

A pleaure meeting Wolfman, Chainsaw, cousin Chad, & everyone else who helped put this ride together. Thank you for inviting us!

Ride completed…safely.

Pics will be coming soon from Lukester. Thank you for taking on this task.

Thanks to:

– Lukester & son Alan (What a way to spend Father’s Day)
– Grease & Marion (hope spelling correct)
– Deuce – Really nice bike!
– Hindy

All of you made a Dad’s & family’s wish come true.

Can not say THANK YOU enough for making my first lead safe & successful. If I missed anyone attending, speak up, I do not want anyone omitted & not receive proper thanks & recognition.

This is one ride I will not forget for a very long time.

Checking through our rides, I believe this was our FIRST WWR send-off!!!