Ride Report posted for Pete Flowers

Phtot by Streetshooter. More on PHOTOS PAGE

Photo by Streetshooter. More on PHOTOS PAGE

As I pulled into the 2nd Rally Point at Pathmark, there were already 8 bikes waiting.  Then 4 cages with Tim’s parents, brothers & sisters and all of their kids pulled in.  ‘

We hopped on 95 S and met up with T’s group and down the road another 8 or so bikes joined us.  We made our way to Firebase 69 with already more bikes than I thought we would have.  When we pulled into Firebase 69, there were 30 more bikes waiting for us and another 10 came in after us.  There were 56 bikes in all.

We welcomed new members, introduced Tim’s parents and family to all, gave the info speech and we had a prayer from Ben.  We headed off to the airport and set up a flag line up the stairway and 2 lines in the baggage area.  Tim’s family and Heroes Welcome met our Hero at the gate.  When Tim hit the escalator and saw the likes of us, there were lots of smiles, tears, handshakes and pats on the backs.  As we were ready to mount up, we could hear people saying there is another Hero coming down the elevator.  The doors opened and there was a young man with two prostetic legs in a wheel chair.  We all recognized Ray Henniger and Wayne went over to give him a hug when Ray’s wife held up her hand to stop him saying, “He wants to walk to you and threw the flag line.”  More tears and cheers followed.

We mounted up and made our way up 95 with 59 bikes and 6 cages.  What an awesome sight with the sun shining and 50+ degrees.  Thirty-seven miles later, we exited 95 and were met by local police who led us to the Russell’s home.  As we turned the corner we saw a ladder truck with Old Glory waving proudly in the breeze.  Underneath was a crowd of at least 150 friends, family and neighbors all waving flags and cheering.  After a few moments, I palmed a “magic coin” into our heroes hand and again thanked him for his service.  The local American Legion and the V.F.W. made presentations also.  Tim gave a quick Thank You speech as did his proud mom and dad.  The family and friends brought out trays of hotdogs for all.

As we were saying our hellos and goodbys, Kim (Badger) noticed one of the neighbors, John, wearing a WWII hat and found out that he was a POW and he was at D-Day.  Badger, I mean Kim, placed a “magic coin” in his hand and thanked him for his service.  The sweaty eyes started and he said in a choking voice, “Thank you for noticing me”, and proudly went to show his friends the coin.

I want to thank Grease and Bobcat for encouraging me to RC my first Welcome Home, a shout out to Maria and Heroes Welcome, to Len who helped me with everything, Trink with American Legion 834, The Camden County Hogs, Lou for contacting the Local Law Enforcements, Mountain Bill for the PR, Falls Fire Company, and all of my Warriors Watch Family.