Ride Report posted for Ray


O`DARK THIRTY it was , but be it as it may we were not going to let this Marine or his family down in letting them know that their son is a HERO. Still in the dark of night as I pulled into our first rally point I could see as my Warriors Watch Riders brothers and sisters already gathered round bright eyed and bushy tailed, ok maybe not bright eyed, as well as the Remmell Family which I had asked to meet us , no sooner than stopping Deuce comes over to me and said Joshua`s plane is arriving 1/2hr early WHAT ! , I thought he was kidding ! he was not, as a Marine myself we improvised , adapted , and overcame , meaning we got our butts moving , met the rest of our Warriors Watch Riders at FB69 by now I could see we are having a great turnout for this Marine. We made it to the airport with no problems , actually had a few minutes to spare. We all greeted Joshua with much fanfare and thank you`s at which I presented our Marine with our HONOR coin , it was a sight to see. Im getting sweaty eyes sorry , Ok we mounted our bikes and escorted the Remmell family home , the escort was perfect 4 flagged bikes , the Remmell family more bikes and our escort vehicles watching our tails , you guys did a fantastic job. We arrived at the Remmell home to a gathering of friends and neighbors it was great and to much surprise Ladies and Gentlemen from the Marine Corp League , SEMPER FI We were asked to partake in coffee and snacks from the Family at which time we also presented Joshua with a Marine Corp blanket and I presented mom and dad with our lapel pins. It was a grand day indeed for the Remmell`s and for us , Mr. & Mrs. Remmell and Joshua I know that I can speak for the entire Warriors Watch Organization and say it was truly an HONOR and PLEASURE for you to of allowed us to Welcome your son home.

With much thanks and Love to the Yellow Ribbon Club for providing the blanket and yellow ribbons , A Hero`s Welcome (Maria your the best ) , The men and women from the Marine Corp League on such short notice , and to all our Warriors Watch Riders that came out today for this Marine you are truly special and proud to call you my family.

newark1Ray   SEMPER FI