Ride Report posted for John Miller

Once again it has been proven that this group of patriots shines under pressure. This mission got posted in the forums and less than 48 hours later it went off without a hitch.

A few NJ Warriors Watch Riders were participating in a PA Welcome Home celebration happening right before this one. From the airport those bikers high-tailed it back to Engine 69 just in time to join our brothers and sisters in honoring Deptford’s own, Michael Schintz. A convoy of about 20 bikes and a cage or two, along with a super stretch limo made its way to PHL to meet our hero. We were accommodated nicely by the airport PD, thanks Lengua.

We went inside and found which escalator our hero would be coming down. His wife, Ashley, and daughter, Bindi, went up to meet Michael at the gate. Boozer went up to grab a few pictures. He came back in short order saying maybe some of us should go up. The media was up there and just the wife and daughter were there to greet their Hero. In quick fashion, we all went up. On our way we spied another returning serviceman, he was trying to slip past us in civilian clothes. Not so fast soldier! He was properly mugged and hugged. A magic coin made its way into his hand.

We moved on to the gate area. Just as we decided where to line up and took position, I turned around to see our hero in an embrace with his young wife. Wow, perfect timing, we just made it. Michael may have heard how the WWR mugs and hugs our returning heroes because he was holding and using the baby as a shield to try to keep us at bay. But we managed to get a few good handshakes and back pats in, just the same.

Eventually we made our way outside to the cages and bikes. One group photo later and we were on our way home. Deptford LEO picked us up on the PA side of the bridge and they did a perfect job of ensuring we all arrived safely in Deptford.

When the Yellow Ribbon Club is involved, we all know there will be a big group waiting for us. And this time was no different. The Deptford and Oak Valley Fire Companies had trucks and flags out, Leslie and her band of yellow ribbon wearing, red, white, and blue bleeding patriots were everywhere with flags, and the neighborhood was out in force to see this hero receive his due. Presentations were made by Colonel Bancroft and the Yellow Ribbon Club and a magic coin changed hands.

Thank you to everyone who made this Marine’s Homecoming special: The USO, JBJ Limousine, Yellow Ribbon Club, Deptford PD, Deptford and Oak Valley FD Companies, and you, my Warriors Watch brothers and sisters.

Welcome Home LCPL Michael Schintz. Thank you for allowing us to share in the joy of your safe return home. For all you do to protect our way of life, thank you, thank you, thank you.

John Miller
Assistant State Coordinator New Jersey