After-Ride Report by Ducttape:

Photos by Sean Carpenter. See “Photos Page” for more.

Thank you all for coming out today to celebrate these two important occasions.

I arrived in West Chester at 0730 to meet John and reserve parking. The town was quiet and waking up. Several people waved and gave a thumbs up to the flags on my bike. Was joined by George who came over from N.J. and another rider with Friends of the Forgotten, can’t remember his name, sorry, but both were most welcome. John arrived in his Truck with 20 traffic cones which were put out and I headed for the rally point which was occupied by close to 15 WWR bikes some of which had come from as far as Landsdale, N. Philly and N. J.

After an overview of todays expected events and and a prayer we headed out. Thanks Shooter for running Com Central and road guarding.

We rolled into town, flags flying, Ron’s PA system playing partiotic songs and, were greeted by several waves and thumbs up from passing cars and people having breakfast outside at local cafes. After parking (we were early for the days activities) we spent the time enjoying eash others company. It’s a nice thing to see old friends and meet new ones. This was a perfect day for doing just that.

The American Sheep Dogs began arriving as well as representatives from GOE, who had come down from N.Y., to help pay honor and respect on this special day. Boy were we welcomed warmly!

Around 1030 we took our flags and joined the close to 175 people (maybe they joind us) who had turned out for The Army and Old Glory. Sean told us of 2 people who drove all the way from Fla. for the event. Across the street peace signs and flags of all types were to be seen. Even German and the Phillys.

Thank you Doc for providing security.

We were treated to patriotic music from the Irish Thunder pipe band who were decked out in their kilted uniforms. Speeches were made, The Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem were said and sung by all.

After the celebration on the street ended we walked down to the Knight’s of Columbus Hall for refreshments and meaningful words from such important people as Wayne Lutz, Chris Hill (GOE, Natl Operations Director), Rich Davis and others.

Again, THANK YOU ALL for taking time from the many things you could have been doing to make this day the success it was.

Special thanks to Sgt. O’Donnell, West Chester PD for ensuring the respect and safety of all.

Respectfully Submitted.