Ride Report posted for Butch Atkins

LCpl’s Holdsworth and Green were met at the Philadelphia Airport baggage claim by a Warriors’ Watch flag line totaling 30+ patriots.  We likewise had 28 scoots parked outside.  While our Heros were welcomed by thier families at the gates, we waited about 40 minutes in line.  During this period, numerous travelers either inquired about our activities, thanked us and were generally impressed that we were doing this for our Heros.

Upon arrivel at the Flag Line, not only were our Hero’s greated by us, approximately 80+ people awaiting their baggage cheered and applauded.  It was quite a site.

After greeting everyone, I presented LCpl Green with his  coin since his family was going straight home to a quiet homecoming.  After gathering up all the troops, we headed to Collegeville, PA with 18 bikes and 3 cages.  The New Jersey contingent returned to Firebase 69 to prepare for another mission that night.

The traffic gods were with us for the 35 mile trip to Collegeville having to only stop once for traffic.  Upon arrival at the Route 29 exit off of Route 322, were were greated by 4 fire department vehicles and 4 Collegeville police department vehicles.  When I looked behind us, we had been joined by 2 PA State troopers.  We then proceeded thru Collegeville with sirens blasting, horns honking and lights flashing.  It was quite a site.  During our trip to the Holdsworth home, were joined by 4 other fire trucks and local police vehicles.

Upon approaching the Holdsworth Home, we were going up a hill and I looked back at a procession that extended for about half a mile.  At the Holdworth home, our hero was welcomed by about 100 neighbors and relatives.  After things settled down, I presented our Hero with his coin and thanked him for his service.  He kept saying “I was only doing my job, what did I do to deserve this”  I think we all know that answer to that!

I want to thank everyone who participated in this Homecoming.  The New Jersey guys were great.  Others there included A Hero’s Welcome and The Marine Qorps League, Pron-Seton Detachment 450.  Local fire departments included Collegeville and Perkiomen Township.  LEO’s  included Collegeville, Perkiomen Township and PA State Police.

It was a great mission and my honor to by RC.  Welcome Home Marines, be safe and enjoy your families.

Butch Atkins