On March 7, 2009, The Lone Star Chapter of the Warriors’ Watch Riders welcomed home Army Specialist Joel Evan Jones, assigned to the 1st Bn 22nd Infantry Fort Hood Texas. He had just returned from a 12 month tour in Iraq.

His Mom and Dad, Joel and Pam Jones had driven to Texas from Bristol Virginia area. I had been talking to them for weeks, so once we knew Evan was due in on the 7th I made the hotel room reservations for them. Once they arrived in town and I got them to their hotel I got them briefed on the area from where to find good food to how to get on post. The next day I got them familiar with the 4ID Welcome Home area on Fort Hood and insured they knew all that would need to happen once Evan was released for his 4 day pass. They were so excited about their son coming home they came to post and welcomed home the guys from an earlier flight. Once he arrived and signed for his barracks room a brief conversation took place and I was on the bike and I gave them an escort to the hotel.

I had felt like I hadn’t accomplished much. But today I recieved a call from Joel as he and Pam were headed back to Virginia and they said everything went perfect and they were able to give their son a excellent welcome home. I may not have had my flag on the bike, or dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s. But when they called today…. I can confidently say…. Mission Accomplished!

Now for the rest for the story….. during May 2006 I was on leave in Virginia from Iraq…. and spent a good 30 minutes leaned up on a fence post talking to a young man…. This young man who was a civilian then… Is now SPC Joel Evan Jones.


Dennis L. Winegar
Regulars By God! Deeds Not Words!
State of Texas State Coordinator
Warriors Watch Riders