It was a great day, for a couple of great rides. Between PA.& NJ. we are loaded with
devoted riders. With such a short notice on one ride and an even shorter notice on the second, we had two great rides. First off Grambo and his mother Kathy arived two and a half hours early. Kathy called me at 6:30 this morning to let me know that she had found the rest area that we chose to meet them at. Between all three rally spots we ended up with 12 bikes, 6 patrol cars, not counting the 2 state troopers. Also when we reached the Home Depot Parking lot we were greated by 6 fire trucks and 4 more bikes. The LEO from 4 different towns escorted the package, “GRAMBO” to his house where we had TV News crew, towns people and family waiting to greet him home.
We met at the Air port firehouse as usual to prepare for the second ride . When we approached the firehouse after the first ride, familuar faces were already there. We ended up with 12 bikes for the second ride, which isn’t bad with only 12 hour of warning. Some of the riders went home and came back. We were met byt he Heros Welcome organization at the airport, and prepaired to bring Sgt.1st. class Tom Parisano, a 22 year vet home to West Deptford NJ. With help of the Local police and the WARRIORS WATCH, Tom was delivered to his parents home where friends and family were there to greet him. Both of these welcome homes were covered with the yellow ribbons MADE and installed by the Yellow Ribbon Club.