Ride Report posted for Redbeard

Sandy and George Ford Contacted us about assisting with a welcome home
celebration for their son Michael. Both of them being active long time
members of the Camden Country Hogs and so we sort of knew the turn out for escort
riders was going to be big. (Just didn’t know how big) .


On Sunday As I turned the corner off the Black Horse pike into Barbs
Harley Davidson Parking lot I thought to myself “Barbs Finally is giving
away FREE BIKES” ….THE parking LOT was almost STANDING ROOM ONLY. …
I got off my bike and was so surprised when I found the group packed into
this lot was going to be PART ONE of this Escort. I addressed them letting
them know we would be heading over to the FireBase69 to hook up with
others and to stage before we proceeded to the arrivals. All the time
thinking to myself, (we told the Airport Police a Few motorcycles and
maybe two cars)

As we pulled into the Firebase69 Parking lot (which seemed already filled
from those waiting for us to rally) we made a long loop to the back of the
lot and up to the front so all those following would fit.  We estimated
about 80 to 90 Bikes total and 5 vehicles. This included the Camden
Country Hogs, the Nam Knights M/C , Legion Riders , The PHL Police and
Warriors Watch Riders.

After pin pointing the arrival time of Michaels flight down We mounted up
and headed for the arrival terminal. We pulled into the Commercial lanes
where the PHL Airport Police where already waiting for us… I think I
overheard the one officer say “YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME” when he saw
how long the line of Bikes and Vehicles where.

Somehow we all made room and squeezed into the front of the arrival
terminal. Again I have to say “HATS OFF” to the PHL Airport Police who
constantly assist and allow our group to operate at the Airport terminal,
Specially when we underestimate our numbers….we all thank you.
After parking and breaking into smaller groups, The majority of the WWR
stayed outside to do a Flag Line for when our Hero exited the terminal. I
know A-HEROES-WELCOME  had set up inside along with Mom and Dad and a few
dozen close friends.

From the view I had looking through the glass I could see the smile on Mom
and Dads faces as they made there way outside with their Son by their
side. I have to admit, personally I have never known that feeling to watch
someone I love so dearly, whom I have missed and worried day after day for
their very life, come walking down a arrival ramp from a plane, But I have
seen the look on the parents and it is the same look over and over, time
and time again….. A Pure look of Love and heart filled memories.
Unmistakable, and it was there again that day.

Well we loaded our hero into a vehicle and mounted up for the POLICE and
Motorcade Escort to the American Legion hall in Audubon where the Yellow
Ribbon club again did their magic and was waiting along with what seemed
like ALL OF the Audubon residence waving flags and the Fire Department.
Turning onto the Final road you could see the Huge American flag hanging
High…. And people lined the streets all cheering … As someone said
“It might have been cold, But that Welcome Home sight warms the heart

Our hero and his family was mobbed with people congratulating and Thanking
him for his Service and Sacrifice. Both Mom and Dad had that very
contagious Sweaty eyes thing happening.  It was a Beautiful Day for a
Beautiful celebration for this returning Hero and Warrior.

From the conversations I had with George and Sandy, Their hearts where
complete with the returning of their Son back to their loving family. I
can only say this,… on behalf of the Warriors Watch Riders, I thank them
for allowing us to join in this celebration of welcoming their Son, Our
Hero, back home.

Be Safe and God Bless