It has been a year since we stood in that same park immediately after Pvt. Dembowski had been killed in Iraq. Today, Warriors’ Watch responded to an invitation from his mom, Francine, to be there again to help her observe the ne-naming of the park in memory of her son. Big John Laub was Road Captain for this WWR ride. Here is his after-ride report:

Pvt. Robert Dembowski Jr. Stands in uniform before his grandfather\'s grave. Ironically, he was to be buried mere yards from that spot 8 months later.

Pvt Robert Dembowski Jr., 82nd Airborne, stands in uniform before his grandfather’s grave. Ironically, Bob would be buried mere yards from that same spot 8 months later.

I want to start by saying “Thank You!” to all who were able to come out today. For those who could not make it, you were missed, but would have been proud to see how the Watch came out to honor PFC Dembowski and his family.

By my count, there about 37 riders, passengers, and cagers present for the dedication ceremony. We rode into town in a long column of pairs and circled the park before dismounting and forming our flag line. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those riders who volunteered to be Road Gaurds at the intesections, great job!

The flag line was set quickly and without any problems. I think even my brothers in blue were impressed by the sight of almost 40 American flags flying proudly at the perimeter of the park (I saw a couple of them taking pictures).

Unfortunately, the Township used the same P.A. system as last year, so we could only catch bits and pieces of what the speakers were saying. The whole ceremony took about 45 minutes and then we dispersed quietly.

My parents live in Richboro and are members of St Vincent de Paul’s church, where the Dembowskis are members as well. After the ceremony, I met my parents who had come to watch the dedication. My mother said that she had a chance to speak w/Mrs Dembowski and she (Mrs Dembowski) said to tell all of you that she greatly appreciated all of us coming and honoring her son as we did.

That just about says it all right there.

Anyway, a great day spent with great people for a great cause. Thank you all, for your patriotism and selflessness. Your actions today may have helped eased a little pain in the heart of grieving parents who honored their son today.

One last thing. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. Also, to those who have served, a very grateful THANK YOU, for you service then and now. May God bless all of you and keep you safe from harm.

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