1LT Bergman, Photo by John Stein

Today’s mission went along the lines of “You can’t make this stuff up.”  Ten degree weather and eighteen biker scum on scoots along with about seven cages came out to welcome home our hero, 1st LT Mark Bergman, to Runnemede, NJ.  Amongst those in attendance, out in the ten degree weather,  was none other than Grease, who had major back surgery three weeks ago.  Who’d a thunk it!  If this wasn’t a WWR mission, I don’t know that I’d believe it.

As our hero and his wife Jordan pulled into LZ168 we had a flag line of about thirty people ready and waiting.  While it was cold outside I think everyone was feeling rather warm right about then.  As Mark exited the car he was corralled by biker scum and hit with handshakes, back slaps and hugs.  I have yet to see a single hero escape the clutches and congratulations of the WWR on a mission.

Arrival! Photo by John Stein

Arrival! Photo by John Stein

Runnemede LEO was standing by to lead our “Rock Star” on the last leg of his journey home.  Kudos to the Runnemede PD, they did a fantastic job!  They coordinated with the surrounding towns of Mt. Ephraim, and Bellmawr to provide safe passage for our convoy to reach its destination intact.  Thank you.

As we made one last turn onto the Bergman family’s street, we knew we were close.  The telltale yellow ribbons were on just about every tree and sign post up and down the road.  Leslie and her gang of Yellow Ribbon Club members were at it again.  Those flag waving YRC patriots, along with the local neighbors, were out in force to show this warrior, and his family, that his service and sacrifice are truly appreciated.

1Lt. Mark Bergman, Welcome Home! Photo by John Stein

1Lt. Mark Bergman, Welcome Home! Photo by John Stein

A proclamation was read by the Mayor of Runnemede, Virginia Betteridge, which included reference to the Yellow Ribbon Club as well as the WWR.  Presentations were made by  Colonel Barcroft, the Camden County Veterans Liaison who presented the Camden County Service Medal.  The Yellow Ribbon Club presented a blanket and yellow ribbon, and the WWR’s NJPete presented an honor coin.

Thanks to Camden County HOG, the Nam Knights, Runnemede PD, and Runnemede FD for participating in today’s mission.

I am truly overwhelmed by the support shown today!  It was freakin’ cold out!  And yet you all came out to show honor, respect and appreciation to this returning warrior.  Thank you to everyone.  I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating here, this is the greatest group of biker scum I’ve ever been affiliated with.