The WWR received an email from Laurie (Sgt. Robert “Bobby” Nemeth’s Mother) telling us that her son and his New bride Kendy, Both MILITARY HEROES, where returning home from a 15 month tour in Iraq, ( Yes you did read that correctly. They both where married last year before they deployed to Iraq.)

When I called Mom on the phone she was so excited to hear from someone, she said she was losing hope of having a big celebration for their Home coming. I could hardly contain myself as I thought “Mom, you contacted not just the Warriors Watch, but the their whole Extended Family and friends.”


We originally tried to plan a meeting place as our Heroes Drove up from GA. To NJ. But to keep the escort a surprise we could not meet them on the road. So we took our cue from Laurie’s plan of having a party at the Local VFW after our Heroes had time to rest from their drive.

Again the Warriors Watch riders spanned 3 different States, DE, PA, and NJ to make this Escort and celebration as special as they could. Our Final rally point was the VFW Post 6590 where we met up face to face with Laurie and her daughter. We gave Laurie some time after she took off for home to go pick up Our Heroes, who still did not know what was in store for them. We mounted up and rolled to the home with local law enforcement and Fire department adding to the escort. As we came down the street, Stealth like, we had to make a U-turn after passing the home so we were facing the right way for the Escort. Then as we pulled the line of Bikes and made the turn The ROAR of Engines and Horns and Sirens filled the Air. It was only a second or two before the doors where opened and the Family , along with our Heroes, came out to the front porch and side walk to see what all the noise was. THE SMILES and wide eyed look on our Heroes faces MADE it all worth it. The tears that came running down the cheek of Mom was priceless. While the Police blocked the street from traffic, We all parked right in front of the house and walked to greet these two heroes.

With the Hugs, Cheers and Welcomes of what was 20 plus bikers and 4 vehicles, Our Heroes were indeed surprised. I noticed Moms face completely flush from the smile that looked like it was going to be permanent. Then the Coins where passed to Our Heroes one at a time. There was another hero there that was deploying soon to Iraq, somehow a coin was also pressed to his palm as we thanked him for his service.

After a few pictures we mounted back up and formed our escort line in the street to return back to the VFW where our Heroes would then be welcomed home by “A Heroes Welcome”, “The Yellow Ribbon Club” and the members of the VFW Post 6590.

As I looked back to see if everyone was ready, I noticed Kendy riding on the back of Stan’s Bike. She had a smile from ear to ear as we started and let go with all the rumble, horns and Sirens that we could. We proceeded to turn into the VFW Parking lot and passed through a Flag line and a cheering section that was perfect. Our Heroes where treated and greeted like they were ROCK STARS. Once inside the VFW, The Commander, Mayor, and many other people all THANKED our heroes for their service and dedication.

From The Nam Knights , and Rolling Thunder M/C’s, to the Yellow ribbon club and a Heroes welcome. from the VFW and what I guess was 27 Warriors Watch Members AS our very own JOHN DELIVERS said…. “Its Sunday, Very Cold, forecast of rain and the EAGLES are playing their first game in the Playoffs and look at the turn out we have here.”

I THANK EACH and Every one who came out that day to Help this Proud and Loving Mother and Family Welcome Home their Son and Daughter-in-law. The Message that you send to them will flow and spread to other Heroes that THEY HAVE SOMEONE AT HOME WHO WILL ALWAYS HAVE THEIR BACKS.
As spoken from one vet there at the VFW, ”TILL THEY ALL COME HOME” We will continue to Honor these Warriors and Heroes whenever and however we can.

Again, Mr and Mrs Nemeth, How do we repay you for the Dedication and sacrifice that you have already given to this wonderful nation? WE can not, So we Honor you with a Heart filled THANK YOU.
Welcome Home and Congratulations on your marriage. The Warriors Watch Riders wish you the best that life has to offer, and we Thank you for your Service!


photos by Streetshooter. See more on the Photos page.