Sgt. Tyler Peltier of Pemberton, NJ and Sgt. Petrina Peltier, an American Indian from the reservation of Hidden Rock in Arizona met while Petrina was on her second tour and Tyler on his first in Afghanistan.

Southwest Jersey completed their first mission as a part of Warriors Watch today. A successful mission I’m proud to say. After no information, wrong information, and lost luggage, We got the couple home to Tylers’ Parents in Pemberton.

We left SouthWest Jersey with 5 riders, not knowing what the day was to hold. We were to meet the PA Warrior Watch in Delaware to welcome home the 485CMBN.

I was to have received a phone call sometime in the early am to apprise us of an updated confirmed arrival time, We had been looking at about 1300 on Friday and then again at 1300 on Saturday. As we arrived at Mikes Famous we were told that the time had been moved up to 1130. We didn’t know where this information came from but we deemed it relaible and left the Delaware Welcome home a bit early with the assistance of Howard and a few others (I’m so sorry I dont know or remember your names. THANK YOU) that had to leave for Lancaster to help us miss the gigantic traffic jam on Rt 95N.

After we got to the first rest area in Pa, we stopped to call to check on a meeting place and time but were told that the time of 1130 was wrong and that the correct arrival time was to be 1439. (chit) what we we going to do for three hours.

In the finest tradition of Warriors Watch, We had Chinese.

A friend of mine, a retired Womens Marine Sargent Major 81 yrs old and still going strong, lives about a mile from the airport. We went to visit, relax in comfortable chairs, and have a bite to eat. Our other choice was to sit around the firehouse and wait. A no brainer. THANKS MICKEY EHLO.

At 1330, we packed up and departed to Engine 69 to see who would be joining us. A bit of disappointment prevailed when we turned the corner and not a bike or cage to be seen. As we used to say “The breaks of Naval Air”

We got to the Airport, parked the bikes and found about 30 friends and members of “A Hero’s Welcome” on the second floor waiting for our Heros. Chris Hill, National Director of Operations for the Gathering of Eagles was there as well as Sharon Hyland Keyser, founder of A Hero’s Welcome, and Lil Baskerville, NJ Coordinator for A Hero’s Welcome. We even managed to welcome home about 15 other troops who were either coming home for some R&R or about to deploy.

Sometime about 1630 hours we were able to begin out escort home. (not to be outdone, Delta lost Tylers luggage

We left the airport with Ron Croce, Rob Brining, Bill, Gary Burick, Dan Flynn, Jim Sweeny(ALR), Paul Gibelyou(ALR), followed by two cages containing the Family and A Hero’s Welcome. Traveling up 95 was uneventful till we crossed the Betsy Ross Bridge into Southwest Jersey. As we came to the Jersey Side we were met with flashing lights, Was PH2 going to be stopped for his helmet, did we not signal a lance change, were we going tooo fast ?, thought Tyler our soldier. No it was our NJ state Police Escort. We had lined up escorts with the local departments but due to the delay, they were unable to assist. NJSP did a great job.

As we arrived in downtown Pemberton, we were met by a gathering of friends and family to welcome the newlyweds home. A few days in South Jersey, then off to Arizona to meet Petrinas parents, then back to the reality of sacrifice and service of two American Heros in the defense of our country.


Thanks Ron