Event Report:  Posted for Redbeard
The Warriors Watch was honored with an invitation to participate in the first annual Veterans appreciation day given by the Berlin VFW ANMAC Post #6253.  The Day started off with a very interesting Drill that at first seemed to have a multitude of problems, YES I am referring to the Raising of the “BUNKER” as it was so namely dubbed. However the Bunker Problems seemed to be no match for the expertise and sound knowledge of our WWR Members.  As I write this I am pleased to report that the WWR has its team of top notch engineers working on a suitable replacement for the Bunker and will either modify or replace it in the near future as soon as funds have been appropriated. ((Smiles))

The Event had many crafters, food and Music for all who attended and even face painting and pony rides with a JOLLY JUMPER and MOON WALK for the kids. (Did I mention it had Music?)
The VFW placed our tent in the front of the entrance so every one who entered would walk past our table, this allowed us the Honor of shaking the hands and welcoming home Many vets from many different wars.
It is always an emotional thing for myself to see the eyes fill of these Men and Woman when they are given this small recognition from our group. And then there is always that one Veteran, who seems to make the biggest impression on me from the days events, His name was Matt and He was a Veteran of the War in Afghanistan. His wife (also a Veteran) was the first to come and introduce her self to us and Thank us for what we do. (it still blows my mind when Veterans and active duty thank us) She told us that her husband had lost His leg in Afghanistan and He was so thankful for the work that groups like the WWR do. Needless to say as Matt made his way to the table with his 2 or 3 year old son in his arms, I couldn’t help but think of the sacrifice this Man, His Wife and His son had given to Our country. Yes I did say His Son, and He is to young to know. I can only hope that someone, when His son is old enough to understand, sits down with him and tells him how much of an AMERICAN Hero his dad is.

This was the first of what will be many missions and events that the Warriors Watch and the “Berlin VFW ANMAC Post # 6253” will work together in.  We have a new home away from home and have been told that their doors are always open and the WWR is always welcome there.

I want to thank Everyone that did show up from Del, Pa and NJ. (yes it was a chilling and windy day BUT as usual the WWR Brotherhood is not made up of a Fair Weather Bond)
Also thank you to those who worked on the Logistics of getting the WWR Banner and Camo up to Berlin.
I am honored to call myself a Member of this Group.