OCTOBER 10, 2008

This is a very special mission for a very special family. They have asked for our support during this difficult time and “This we will provide”. Grease’s Mom loves the WWR and the WWR will return this honor by showing her family our love and respect for them and their Mom.

Our final rally point for this Honor mission was in Bristol Pa. at 0800. As we all arrived, we were met by a very nice spread of coffee and other breakfast drinks, donuts and pastries. All of this was provided by Trink and was greatly appreciated by all. Thanks Trink. I had asked Trink to recon the various routes involved in the mission and to lead us since he was very familiar with the area. This task he completed expertly and I am grateful. We were where we should be when we should be there thanks to his efforts.

We left for the Funeral Home at 0825. Upon arrival we setup a flag line which we stood until the casket was placed in the hearse. Grease came up to me and asked that we remain in formation at the end of the service at the cemetary. Jason and Chris, Grease’s brother and surrogate brother, would like to thank us before we left. Grease was presented with an Honor Coin to commemorate our respect for him and his family on this sad day. We then mounted up and accompanied the family and the hearse to St. Anne’s church for the Mass.

After parking our steel cavalry, we again formed a flag line on the front steps of the church until the services began. We had an hour or so break during the Mass. Once the Mass ended we again formed the flag line as the family exited the church and the casket was placed in the hearse for the ride to the cemetery.

The ride to the Beverly National Cemetery took about 30 minutes. Once dismounted, we setup a two deep flag line across the road from the pavilion to stand with respect and share the grief of the family of this wonderful lady. When the service was complete, the family came over to us and thanked us individually for our presence. But it was we who should be thanking them for granting us the honor of standing for them on this day. Grease then walked over to us and rendered a salute to us all. In the midst of his grief, he took the time and had the consideration to thank us with a gesture of affection and respect that we will treasure always. Many of us almost lost it when he did this and I cannot thank him enough for his kindness. As if that were not enough, Jason and Chris, who were in full navy dress uniform, approached. They were standing side by side, and with Jason issuing soft spoken commands, marched up to us and halted at attention. They then rendered a salute which we returned as smartly as we were capable. This was a vision of respect that I personnally have never been on the receiving end of. I will not attempt to define the number of moist eyes in our midst at this point. I would be willing to bet that there was not a dry eye in our formation. And, it wasn’t allergies. Jason, Chris, thank you for your show of respect, it means more to us than you know.

We had been invited by the family to accompany them to the Ancient Order of Hibernians hall for food and refreshment. Trink took us there and we had a wonderful meal with a wonderful family.

Grease, thank you so much for allowing us to join with you and your family during this difficult time. In some small way, I hope we were able to turn a little of the grief your family felt at your Mom’s passing, into pride for the great job she did in raising and nurturing a wonderful family. I will not forget this mission.