It was a Beautiful Morning for a homecoming.

Though Sgt. Jaired Zavatter’s family we had heard that he did not want to be met or escorted from the airport. He simply wanted His Fiancé Christy to pick him up so they could have a calm peaceful drive home.
So Huggy, Country, JohnDelivers and myself met at the Zavatters Home before Jaired and Christy had made it there from the airport.

Already waiting were many friends, family and Neighbors, Also the Marlton Fire Department, EMS squad, and Mayor along with our very good friend Leslie and members of the “Yellow Ribbon Club”.

We straddled the street on both sides with our bikes and formed a Flag line on the road that Jaired and Christy would be arriving on. With cheers and clapping their car approached and pulled into their driveway.
After the handshakes and the normal emotions and tears of joy, there was a special event that was kept secret from almost everyone. In front of the Marlton Fire Departments 20’x40’ flag, Jaired stood before His fiancé Christy and hugging her.

And while the News Media was filming, and what seemed to be 200 people where snapping pictures, Jaired took Christy’s hand, lowered himself to one knee and proposed to her. From my vantagepoint I could see the tears in the eyes of many there. It was a very moving moment, and possibly a First for the WWR to be witness to the first steps of two people’s life together.

WE were Honored twice today, Both from Jaireds Service, and from the peek into this very personal moment in His life.
Jaired, We thank you, Welcome Home Warrior and Hero.

P.S. Christy said “YES”