Spc Jeff Knapstein Ride Report

In the year and a half I’ve been riding on missions, this on has to be the
most special, and I had the privilege and honor to be RC. It started a
couple of weeks ago, when Emily Knapstein called and said her husband is
coming home from Iraq, and if we could do something special for him. She
thought he would arrive on 9/20, but not sure. On 9/18, she got the call,
that her husband was coming home on 9/19. With time so short I thought we
should do a drive by on the 20th, but that was not a good day either.  She
told me that she was reporting to the hospital at 1800 on the 21st to have a
baby on the 22nd. We were able to meet Jeff, Emily, and Bailey (to be) in
the maternity ward waiting room. presents were given to Bailey, and cards
given to Mom and Dad.  Jeff Thank You for your Service. Stay Safe. Emily,
Thank You for inviting us to this special event. Mom & Dad congratulations
on the birth of your first child. And Bailey, Happy Birthday (to be), and to
the Staff at NIMC Hospital, Thank You for putting up with this Motley Crew
of bikers
Thank You,
Loren “Pops” DeRusha

Warriors Watch Ride Captain